By the community
For the community

The Gundagai Neighbourhood Centre is run by a Management Committee, Centre Co-ordinator, Office Staff and a team of Volunteers.

Management Committee & Associate Members

Management Committee – 

Local business people, service providers and community members are all represented on the seven member management committee.  Their time is given voluntarily to manage the organisation. 

The positions of President, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President and three committee members are elected to hold office for one year at the Annual General Meeting held in September. 

Associate Members may nominate for election to the Committee.  

Management Committee Meetings are held each month.


Associate Members –

Associate membership is also open to all of the community.  Any person who wishes to become a member is welcomed but must complete a nomination form and have it signed by two committee members. 

Associate members are eligible to vote at General Meetings held in February, May and November of each year and also at the Annual General Meeting held in September. 

Our Philosophy


The right of people to make choices and maintain their independence in their own lives


The right of people to dignity, respect, privacy and confidentiality


The right of people to be valued as individuals


The right of people to access services on a non-discriminatory basis


The right of the community to receive accountable and responsive services

Our Team

Responsible for the day-to-day management of the Neighbourhood Centre has been delegated by the Management Committee to the Centre Co-ordinator.  This includes responsibility for; the management of staff, administration, service delivery, liaison with funding bodies, service promotion and community liaison. 

All other staff are required to fulfil the requirements of the job descriptions for the various Neighbourhood Centre Services.


The backbone of our community

Many of the services available wouldn’t exist without the tireless contribution of the volunteer’s time.  Volunteering is rewarding work that can broaden your experience, connect you with new people and allow you to give back to the community. 

The Gundagai Neighbourhood Centre is always in need of assistance across many areas of the organisation.  If you would like to chat more about becoming a volunteer, please contact our office staff.