The backbone of our community

Many of the services available to people wouldn’t exist without the tireless contribution of the volunteers time. Volunteering is rewarding work as you bring pleasure to other people who appreciate your efforts.

Volunteer work can broaden your experience and exposure to life. Volunteering offers a space in which to gain new skills, connect with new people, experience something different and give back to the community. Volunteering also offers a way to re-connect with the working world after a break, and an opportunity to supercharge your existing talents.

There is a huge range of skills you can acquire through volunteering, starting with:

Remember that the soft skills you will learn volunteering are also highly desirable to employers

The Neighbourhood Centre is managed by Volunteers, the Management Committee consists of 7 community members who decide after consulting with staff, volunteers and community groups and individuals what is required to assist people in our community. They are responsible for the Organisational & Financial viability of the services and the policies and procedures that all staff and volunteers must adhere to.

The Centres office staff is always in need of assistance in the day to day running of the services so any assistance in the office or CTC is welcome. If you are interested in improving your office workplace skills, the Neighbourhood Centres Staff would be grateful for your assistance.

The Neighbourhood Centre also coordinates several events throughout the year and Volunteers play a crucial role in the success of these events

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